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What to Wear + What not to Wear

When coming to your tanning appointment, I always suggest to come in the loose fitting clothing that you will wear after your spray tan.

  • If you are on the modest side or you like to see the tan lines, wear a two piece or whatever makes you comfortable but less items your wear, the more coverage you can get with your tan. I offer disposable bra / thong / sock (for the men) for $3.

  • During warmer weather, feel free to wear a loose fitting dress or for my guys, a tank top and shorts. Just make sure you are careful to not get any exposed skin wet or sweaty.

  • I‘ll always recommend long sleeve zip up hoodies if it all possible! This is probably the best way to protect your tan till you rinse off.

  • Avoid lotions, makeup, and deodorant as I would need your skin fresh and exfoliated. Don’t worry, you’ll be moisturizing a lot after your spray tan!

Here is a simple info graph I created to help as a reminder!



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