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What do I wear during my spray tan?

At Bare to Glow, you may dress down to your comfort level but I want to make sure that I have done my due diligence in ensuring that you feel safe, comfortable, and confident to #baretoglow ! It is never easy to dress down to your birthday suit (completely nude), in front of a complete stranger so I will always suggest clients wear what they feel comfortable in, and once they have gone through the entire process of their spray tan - they often times will come back feeling more confident and understanding, to dress less. Majority of the time, it comes down to wanting tan lines or not wanting the tan lines =)

PRO TIP: To cut down on waste, I recommend that clients wear their own undergarments, instead of using disposable undergarments. I hope we can all be conscious of our own footprint! xo, Ida.

I do however, offer disposable bikini top and thong ($3 upcharge) in the event it is necessary or for those on the modest side, pregnant, but also for my breastfeeding mommas! If you are currently a client, you may remember the question that I ask in my client intake form: are you currently breastfeeding.

So a new client, having NEVER gotten a spray tan before, had circled 'yes' that she was breastfeeding. I had no prior knowledge of this and for this one appointment, she got herself a babysitter and invested time into herself! This motivated and excited me to make sure she felt 100% amazing! She came in a breastfeeding bra so luckily I was able to give her a one size fits all disposable bikini top, so she will be able to breastfeed while

she is waiting for time to rinse off and not transfer any tanning solution to her baby...and of course the disposable top allows me to spray more area of her upperbody! You know what I always say with this: #WINWIN!


Nonetheless, I will always strive to make Bare to Glow Lounge a judge-free space and a space where you can feel body positivity at its best!



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