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Special Events - When should I get a spray tan?

A great question and one of the most common questions I get asked! I honestly think any event where you are in need of a spray tan, is a special event! So here are my tips to help you plan for your big day!

If your event is on a Saturday, I suggest that you book your spray tan on a Wednesday, Thursday at the latest! After your rinse, you will then be able to let your color develop so by the time Saturday rolls around, you will have the glow that you wanted to achieve!

We are all busy these days and adding a spray tan appointment may seem like an unnecessary thing but trust me, once you get your spray tan out of the way, you can get back to your busy yet amazing life!

Oh...did I mention that spray tans are only 20-minutes? That includes the prep, spray time, and drying powder setting! It's really fast, once you have done your first spray tan!

Schedule your spray tan at least two (2) days out from your special event!

Another suggestion is if you are one that is not sure of how light or how dark you want to be. I offer different formulas with varying degrees of DHA and it would be my job to help you decide on how long you would need to keep your spray tan on, before you rinse off the top layer (bronzer). Again, it is my job to help not only ease your mind with getting a spray tan, but I will take you step by step to ensure you achieve the glow you are wanting for your special event!

Be it prom, wedding, photoshoot, or just a girl's night out, allow yourself a self-glow that will make you feel like you were laying on the beach in the warm sun...getting a glow the healthy way! I'll make sure that you book your spray tan at the right time and it will be a glow that will last 7-10 days!

I look forward oton meeting with you to help achieve the glow that you are deserving of!


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