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I've booked my spray tan appointment, now what?

First off, welcome to Friday's Bare to Glow (BTG) Blogs where every Friday, I will be sharing information, education, and all the things that go on here at BTG and of course all about the revolution of spray tans!

My ultimate mission is to highlight both your inner beauty + skincare regimen and prolong a healthier and youthful look, through spray tans. Whatever your reason is for choosing to spray tan, I feel I am accomplishing my mission in keeping one less person from damaging their skin both internally and externally, by way of tanning beds. Last but not least, I feel privileged that you chose to have me spray you! Many people feel shy or nervous to be in front of a complete stranger, almost completely naked, so with my many years of experience in spray tanning both men and women of all shapes, sizes, and skin tones, I am grateful for the reputation I have acquired where all my clients feel comfortable, relaxed, and have a place where they can love the body they have! With this said, for those who are on the modest side, I have disposable bikini top + thongs ($3.00 charge). Otherwise, you may tan completely naked, it really is up to you and your comfort level! I keep the room warm and secure for your privacy.

BTG HOUSE RULES: there is no apology allowed for how you look...only for being late and forgetting to exfoliate!

After you've booked your appointment, make sure to monitor your email for appointment notification and for skin prep + post tan, info sheets. You will also receive my contact info if you prefer to communicate by text!

Last but not least, bring or wear dark + loose clothing, after your spray tan. If it's raining or snowing, just make sure to cover up as much as possible, although you will be dry enough that I am that confident that you can put your snow boots on (true Alaskans still wear flip flops out in the snow...yes we do lol) ! No matter the weather (within reason lol because we don't get tornadoes here) you can still come to your spray appointment! It's my absolute pleasure to take care of you!

If this is your first appointment or first spray tan, expect to spend the entire 30-45 minutes. I will have you fill out client intake forms, go over that information, discuss the tanning solution I offer, and discuss the color you are wanting to achieve. This should take about 5-10 minutes and then its time to prepare for your spray tan! I am huge into teaching my clients about the benefits of spray tanning so don't mind me when I get excited in talking about it all, because I can guarantee your next appointment will be about 20 minutes top because I've prepared you with all that you need to continue to have a beautiful glow!



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