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Dare to Glow Sunless tanning...

& come as you are!

Bare to Glow (aka BTG) was created to help revolutionize + promote airbrush spray tanning that is deserving for all skin tones + body types + genders! Importantly, the health + wellness for the longevity of your skin! BTG is here to compliment your skincare + beauty regimen to prolong a healthy + youthful + anti-aging + natural glow! Let's transform how we care for our skin and dare to glow sunless!

Ready. Set. Glow!

xo Ida, founder + owner 

Let's tan the safe way!
Did you know...

the dangers of tanning?

The common response I hear from people who use tanning beds (of any kind) is that they don't tan enough to get the effects of developing melanoma, which is a life-threatening form of skin cancer. According to, just one visit increases your chances by 75%. Still don't believe the research? Prove to me that you have seen a dermatologist and that they are 100% ok with you tanning! I bet you a lifetime service here at BTG that your dermatologist wouldn't!

Over time, you accelerate the aging process with visible wrinkles, dark spots, and weathered skin. Any facility or home with tanning beds give direct exposure to UVA (ultra-violet radiation) rays. No matter the amount of radiation,  there is still an amount of exposure where you run the risk of short or long term visible + invisible damage. Please refer to the link above from the Skin Cancer .org foundation that also discusses risks from outdoor sun exposure. 

I can't emphasize enough the importance of health + wellness and that includes changing from the tanning beds to sunless tanning! Fake, Don't Bake! 

Owner + Founder of BTG, 


The more you know!
Natural Beauty


You've never had a glow like this before!

And to give credit to Iggy Pop, after this glow up, everyone will be saying 'they've never met a guy/gal like you before!

While this is about highlighting your canvas, we're bringing out your inner glow! As a professional + certified airbrush tanning artist, you will appreciate the relaxing space provided during your session + a customized color + glow combo that you are deserving of! 

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